• Expanded access to new mental health services. Beginning March 2021, individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder will be able to visit their primary care provider and receive life-saving medical treatment.
  • Eliminated out-of-pocket costs for COVID testing, treatment, and vaccination. At the outset of the pandemic, Hammoud took charge and introduced legislation that led to the negotiation of waiving out-of-pocket costs for COVID expenses with the insurance industry.
  • Banned the dangerous substance Vitamin E-acetate from vaping products. Amidst the vaping public health crisis, we led a bipartisan effort to address the specific reason for the rise in deaths caused by vaping in our state and around the country in recent years. Our legislation led to the state banning this dangerous chemical in all vaping products.
  • Restructured state departments to manage cost overruns. We worked with a bipartisan committee to implement newer, more effective practices within the state and end decades of cost overruns within departments.
  • Balanced our budget during the COVID pandemic. Our legislation facilitated a fund shift using existing dollars to address the budget shortfall Michigan experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Improve the state‚Äôs guidelines on best healthcare practices for those with HIV and tuberculosis.


  • Successfully pressured a local corporation into withdrawing a permit seeking to increase emissions. In 2018, we organized with the Dearborn community to apply pressure on a local corporation to withdraw their permit seeking to add over 1,000 tons of pollution. After a strong public relations campaign, a petition, and community town hall, we were successful and the company withdrew their permit request.
  • Prevented a local corporation from outsourcing jobs and instead hiring local, union workers. In 2019, we mobilized the community to stand with our labor partners and demand a local corporation stop outsourcing of jobs. After much pressure, they renegotiated a contract with our labor partners to make the site an exclusively union only worksite.
  • Drafted the blueprints for the first ever local environmental ordinance. In 2019, our office drafted and emailed city council the environmental ordinance that served as the blueprint for what would eventually be adopted.
  • Secured the withdrawal of a second permit seeking to increase emissions. In 2019, we successfully negotiated with a local corporation to not only withdraw an existing permit request to increase emissions, but also establish a working relationship to improve the air quality in Dearborn.
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