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LANSING, Mich. — A new bill is introduced at the State Capitol to help protect immigrant families whose children may have been taken away from them.

Because this month is Immigrant Heritage Month State Representative Abdullah Hammoud introduced a package of bills that would prevent discriminatory stop and search policies by police based on profiling.

They also prohibit jails from holding people for immigration purposes.

It will also guarantee immigrant children taken away from their families would have a public defender in deportation proceedings.

“First and foremost, it ensures that each and every individual would not be discriminated against and make sure that their resources we allocate towards local police and towards or community policing use just for that. It ensures that people are trusting of their local police officers and it maintains that trust which is needed to create healthy and safe communities,” says Representative Abudullah Hammoud.

The sponsors of these bills plan to introduce legislation related to refugee resettlement and education in the next three weeks.

They say they want to make Michigan a more welcoming place.

The bills are going to need Republican support to get through the legislature.

We’ll let you know if they come up for a vote.