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Photo: State Representative Abdullah Hammoud, right, and State Senator Sylvia Santana, second from right, present a large check to Board of Trustees Chair Michael Meade, Trustee Roxanne McDonald, and (outside photo frame) Trustee James Thorpe, Trustee Mary Petlichkoff, Trustee Hussein Berry, Trustee Mary Lane and (not pictured) Trustee Fadwa Hammoud.

Last week, the Michigan House passed a supplemental budget which included $6.7 million in funding for an Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute and Technology Building Renovation and Addition project at Henry Ford College.

In response to securing this additional funding for Dearborn, state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) issued the following statement:

“I had the privilege of attending Henry Ford College for years as a dual enrollment student, and it set me on a trajectory of success. This appropriation is a huge win for the community that will amplify the impact of HFC and expand the opportunities it provides to prospective students. HFC is uniquely positioned geographically, and strategically located near forward-thinking job-creators, such as Ford Motor Company. Additionally, they serve a diverse group of students that largely stay after graduation and call Michigan home. To that extent, they are the leaders of tomorrow who help drive our economy forward.”

State Rep. Sylvia Santana (D-Detroit), vice chairwoman of the House Corrections Appropriations Subcommittee, added:

“Henry Ford College plays a vital role in our community. Significant investment by the legislature shows a commitment from the state in Henry Ford’s future endeavors. With this project, HFC will add a new center to help with small business development and entrepreneurship. I was proud to support this effort.”

State Sen. David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights), chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus, said:

“I was proud to partner with Reps. Hammoud and Santana to secure this funding for our communities. This $6.7 million appropriation for Henry Ford College’s renovation and modernization not only prepares students for successful careers in skilled trades and emerging technologies, but it provides educational opportunities for talented workers to bridge the gap between high-tech jobs and the need of trained employees to fill them.”