Hammoud for Mayor

I’m proud to announce my candidacy to be Dearborn’s next Mayor!

Our hometown needs leadership where people and community will come first.

With your support, we will lead with the same tenacity as we have over the past 4 years as Dearborn’s State Representative. With the same heart and commitment, and with the community’s best interest guiding each and every decision.

Together, as we’ve done many times before, we will stand side-by-side, roll up our sleeves, and put in the work to make a difference.

Dearborn is home. And you’ve all shown me that when you fight for home, you never quit.

I hope to earn your vote on August 3rd – join us at www.VoteHammoud.com.

Yours in Service,
Abdullah Hammoud

Abdullah Signature


  • Husband to Dr. Fatima Beydoun, a frontline hero at a local health system.
  • Trusted and experienced leader who has served as Dearborn’s State Representative.
  • Product of Dearborn Public Schools and 3x graduate of the University of Michigan – Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Health, and Master of Business Administration.
  • A state and national health policy expert, former advisor to major health systems.
  • Champion on issues of environmental justice and economic development.
  • Proud Dearborn community activist, advocate, and volunteer for over a decade.