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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – State Representatives proposed a new plan to deal with the opioid crisis that has only gotten worse during the pandemic. The idea is to give patients more power to tell their doctors they don’t want to be prescribed the potentially addicted painkillers.

This proposed package of bills in the State House would require medical providers to give patients opioid opt-out forms. It does not mean they could never get opioids just that they wouldn’t be the first option.

”This is an issue we have to tackle. We’re losing 70,000 Americans a year to this. So this is an opportunity to save lives and to save dollars as well and to provide better healthcare outcomes to Michiganders all across our state,” said Representative Abdullah Hammoud.

One man who has faced addiction himself says he’s seen dozens of people battle their addictions to opioids ever day.

“Opioids, its a huge problem right now we’re seeing it year after year, we’re still fighting it,” said Corey Warren, President and Co Found of Rise.

Corey Warren tells News 10 he had a long road of addiction and he didn’t even know the person he became. The dependency was his hardest battle.

“I don’t think many people who haven’t experienced it know that feeling. That physical dependency is what makes people do things they typically wouldn’t do cause your body feels like you need it. Your bones, everything hurts when you don’t have that drug,” said Warren.

Warren says he feels some people could avoid addiction in the first place if given the option to opt out as the state proposal requests.

“Hospitals not using it so frequently may help somebody not get that first feeling that sends them into the grips of addiction,” said Warren.

Warren says his support system is what got him through his own battles. This is what led him to create Rise, a housing unit and safe space for those battling addiction. He says he wants to see these people come out on the other side of addiction.

“There are so many addictions out there that people relapse with it’s just this one in particular one relapse can be fatal. I went down that road I am just very lucky and humble that I got out of it,” said Warren.

Now a father of two, Corey encourages those who are struggling to reach out when they need help.

Below are resources if you or a loved one is seeking help for substance addiction.