Fixing our Infrastructure

  • Demand quality work through the support of prevailing wage laws
  • Revise Michigan’s road funding formula to send more money to roads that have more traffic
  • Invest in a collaborative regional transit program that provides greater connectivity for residents

Strengthening Health Care

  • Continually strive towards a Single Payer Healthcare System
  • Cap all primary care and family care visits to a maximum of a $5 copay
  • Demand transparency from pharmaceutical companies to reduce costs and increase access

Creating an Economy that Works for Everyone

  • Implement a graduated income tax system where 98% of families would realize a tax reduction
  • Hold corporations accountable – tax dollars should be used to create jobs not line CEO pockets
  • Establish a strategic fund that focuses investments in small business entrepreneurs
  • Retain Michigan college graduates with student loan forgiveness and economic opportunity

Protecting our Air and Water

  • Promote environmental justice by allowing locals to reject any permit that would increase pollutants
  • Create permitting standards that consider the overall impact of pollutants in a region
  • Increase both incentives and accessibility to recycle for community residents
  • Stop corporations from unjustly profiting from our resources – such as the bottling of our water

Enhancing Our Focus on Education

  • Create a universal Pre-K program and increase our investment in K-12 public education
  • Provide educators with better compensation – incentivizing future students to pursue teaching
  • Guarantee access to a subsidized community college education for Michigan residents
  • Expand awareness, access, and incentives for skilled trades programs