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DEARBORN — Abdullah Hammoud, who is one of seven candidates running for mayor of Dearborn, has earned the endorsement of Wayne County Executive Warren Evans.

Hammoud, a state representative in his final term, announced his candidacy for mayor in January.

Hammoud announced the endorsement in a Facebook post.

Warren Evans and Abdullah Hammoud. Photo: Screengrab from endorsement video

“We are excited to share that we have earned the endorsement and support of Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans,” the post read. “From the COVID pandemic to the catastrophic flooding, we have continuously partnered with Wayne County’s leadership to get the job done for Dearborn. We are humbled to have Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans on #TeamHammoud.”

Dearborn, you’ve got a big decision. I’m proud to endorse Abdullah Hammoud for mayor — Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans

In the post, Hammoud included a video from Evans.

“I am proud to endorse Abdullah Hammoud for mayor of Dearborn,” Evans said in the video statement. “With 50 years of experience building teams and leading throughout our county, I know that Abdullah Hammoud is the best candidate to build a team.”

Evans also pointed out Hammoud’s involvement with the community during COVID and the recent floods.

“When COVID hit our community, Abdullah stepped up and led for Dearborn,” he said. “Using his public health background, he worked with my office daily to ensure that Dearborn residents and businesses had what they needed to get through the pandemic. And when the catastrophic flooding hit Dearborn, Abdullah rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He reached out to hundreds of seniors, single mothers and other residents who needed help cleaning up the sewage and damaged belongings in their homes. That’s real leadership. Dearborn, you’ve got a big decision. I believe Abdullah Hammoud is the choice for Dearborn and will be the best person to get things done for the city.”

Abdullah Hammoud helping clear out flood-damaged items for residents in Dearborn. Photo: Rodney Coleman-Robinson/The Detroit Free Press

Assad Turfe, Evans’ chief of staff, also said that Dearborn has a tough decision to make.

“The one thing we always ask for is leaders to make tough decisions, especially in tough times,” he said. “Dearborn has a big decision to make. This was not an easy decision with a lot of friends and a lot of good people in this race. The county executive made a tough decision during this tough time and it’s a good decision for the city of Dearborn.”

Turfe also said that with Dearborn being the second largest city in the county, its success is vital.

“Success and viability of Dearborn is crucial to the county,” he said. “Abdullah Hammoud is the best choice for the financial health and leadership of the city. The overall health of Dearborn is important to the overall health of the county. With over 50 years of public service experience, the county executive can identify leadership in people, and he identifies that in Abdullah Hammoud.”